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Кураторы курса

Course objectives

  1. Learn an integrated approach to territorial development management; offer possible models of social, economic and environmental sustainability, become familiar with the best international and Russian practices.
  2. Understand city and territorial planning and the role of various stakeholders, including municipalities, planners, businesses, developers, local communities, citizens, social employees, experts, and analysts.
  3. Based on their own project,develop a territorial development strategy including spatial, economic, environmental, and social aspects and understand the methods of its implementation.
  4. Establish business and creative connections between managers and planners in order to jointly implement territorial development programs.

Apart from planning skills, the students will gain new competencies in territorial development management:

  • Ability to develop strategic and comprehensive vision of the territory, understand its economic, environmental and social resources and limitations, legal status, financial sources, political vector and market conditions.
  • Investment and market analysis skills.
  • Project management skills
  • Understand the budget, schedule and phases involved in territorial development, communication with municipal and federal authorities, as well as local communities.